Tania Haigh builds brands. 

As founder and CEO of Magnolia Insights, Tania brings a unique perspective to every project. She is a first generation Euro-Latina American with big brand experience; who thrives in between general market and diversity channels.  This multi-lingual, multi-cultural marketer is the diversity that every client wants to reach. 

Brand Building

Tania made her mark at McDonald’s USA. She spearheaded the corporation’s first National Hiring Day campaign about the positive attributes of working at McDonald’s that drove unprecedented hiring results.

While managing large initiatives (Our Food. Your Questions, Happy Meal, new menu launches), promoting stakeholder engagement and cause marketing (Washington DC outreach campaigns), or targeting elusive demographics (Women & Moms), Tania led with tact and finesse. After 10 years of delivering results for McDonald’s, she launched Magnolia Insights to provide strategic marketing support without the bloat and overhead typical in large marketing agencies.   

Omni-Channel Strategy

Tania has thoroughly trained and inspired her Magnolia Insights team to follow her lead. These seasoned, creative professionals deftly integrate traditional market wisdom with cutting edge omni-channel approaches to elevate brands via: content strategy, direct marketing ROI, experiential marketing ROI, cause marketing impact, multicultural and international marketing reach, product development innovation, advertising strategy and reputation management

Thought Leadership

Tania never takes on a task until she knows she can do it right. She does her homework and consults with top influencers before taking on any initiative.  Tania learned to produce and curate thought leadership forums from a universally revered brand by founding TEDxOakParkWomen and producing three years of programming. With her sold out evenings of inspiration, the “Tania Touch” became a transformative force in a high profile, progressive, activist community.  

Whether it’s sharing her own career insights, introducing thought-provoking speakers, or writing informative articles for Chief Marketer, Franchising USA and Chicago Woman Magazine, Tania has a way of making learning fun.  She also has a knack for curating panels that inspire women to believe in themselves. That’s why her GET NOTICED workshop series has become Chicago’s top women’s brand building and networking platform.

The Optimal Partner

It’s always reassuring to know that the person you’re doing business with once stood in your shoes. Having been a client who’s culled and collaborated with multiple agencies to drive a wildly diverse range of initiatives, Tania knows what you want to see from your RFP. And she’s equipped to deliver – with a rigor and enthusiasm that leaves no room for petty nitpicking. It was by thinking big and putting the client first that she drove Magnolia Insights’ brand success and stellar reputation. By partnering with Tania and her team, you can do the same for yours.