A Progressive Approach to Attending Professional Conferences

It is important to discover new inspirations for your passions from time to time.  In Magnolia’s case, getting involved with professional conferences is a great way to do just that.  This month we attended the She Summit in New York, Chicago Ideas Week, and Chicago International Film Festival.  Here are some benefits and key takeaways about how Magnolia values the importance of attending a diverse set of professional events.     

 Networking value

It goes without saying that these events are critical for meeting people who share a common discipline as you.  Aside from just starting conversation with possible leads to business solutions, Magnolia has found that conferences are great settings to get together with any online colleagues and meet face-to-face.

With professional networking websites being more prevalent than ever, it is common to make strong and positive professional connections online.  Yet, there is no denying that true opportunity serves itself once you have met your online contacts face-to-face in a stimulating setting.

Renewing your excitement for the work that you do

Listening to key influencers within your industry is a sure fire way to get motivated and stay current on industry trends.  Attending a wide range of professional events leads you to discover a new perspective as to how you can go about business incentives and new projects.  For example, Magnolia is very focused on creating our own digital content for clients, so attending film events were a way to inspire us about storytelling and content creation.  Being immersed with different industry-driven professionals is not only inspiring for your own business, but it is exciting to meet new people and continue learning about your interests.

 Having fun

Integrating fun within your work life is essential to your own health and well-being.  At Magnolia, we have had our fun in leveraging these professional events for photo ops, discovering local hot spots, and meeting interesting people.  Making sure to take time out to have fun leaves you ready to tackle your next business task and soak up the atmosphere.