Supporting our friends at the M2W Conference

Hosted right in Magnolia’s backyard, the annual Marketing 2 Women conference, held at the beautiful Chicago Cultural Center, brings together leadership across marketers and agencies for a two day immersion into a diverse breadth of key topics affecting our industries, clients and consumers.  This year’s M2W held on April 21st and April 22nd,  more than delivered, featuring inspiring speakers and panel presentations including:

-       Samantha Skey of SheKnowsMedia giving an empowered opening keynote on Fem-vertising: Women Demand More From Brands” and introducing the agency’s first ever Femvertising awards

-       Kris Malkoski, President, North America of World Kitchen and Angie Klein, VP of Consumer Sales Strategy & Distribution, Verizon, back to back winners of the “This Woman Means Business” Award, both giving inspiring examples of their individual experiences and dedication, including Angie’s teams quotable motto, “The best was good for today, tomorrow we’ll do better.”

-       Wellness is The New BlackPanel led by Andrea Van Dam, CEO, Women’s Marketing, Inc., highlighting the new “well-thy” and a shift in consumer mindset from reactive to proactive, from treatment to prevention as well as “health creep” which is causing any and all brands to play in the space

-       Allison Koller, Creative Director, CBX sharing her thoughts on “Designing to Connect: Get Real: Branding Beyond the Cliché” with case studies like SoulCycle, The First Years and U by Kotex, encouraging brands to break from the cultural & visual cliché, take risks and change the conversation

Following up Tania’s M2W Best Speaker 2014 award, Magnolia was happy to support the continued growth and evolution of the M2W conference, and Renee embraced the opportunity to host a luncheon roundtable, closing the event on a high note, after meeting and learning from like-minded individuals that truly understand and believe in the power of connecting with this crucial target audience.