Bridging The Professional Gap For The Full-Time Mom

Being a mom is the joy of my life; getting to love and raise two little ones is beyond comprehension and has brought a new facet to my life.  However, I have learned that parenthood truly is just that:  a facet of my life.  Sure, it defines a good portion of me, and if I were asked to describe myself, “mom” would be at the top of the list.  But it was disappointing when the marketing and advertising professional facet started to dissipate after I chose to stay at home with my kids. 

As I began my journey as a mom, I was convinced by others that working in advertising and motherhood couldn’t coexist (even though I wanted them to).  After endless conversations with head hunters, friends, and HR trying to keep both my professional and mom titles intact, I came up empty.  Responses I heard were “part time doesn’t exist in advertising” or “you have to make a choice…it’s one or the other!”.  So I resigned myself to the fact that I couldn’t do both. 

At first, I was thrilled to be at home with my precious kids and discovering the amazing community that came along with my new role.  But even in the great joy of being home with them, my heart and head longed for the enrichment that working in advertising had brought me in the past. 

Since I first became a mom in 2009, I have watched the professional landscape bridge this gap in accordance to women like me, allowing them to work flexibly and provide the balance which I couldn’t find back in 2011.  In finding the Magnolia team a year ago, I have come to realize that while balance is challenging to achieve, I owe it to myself (and family) to rediscover the marketing professional facet of myself that I certainly have missed.  Sure, it takes work and a commitment and open communication from both employee and employer, but the closed doors I received in the past are beginning to re-open.  Whoever said a mom can’t have it all!?! ;)