2015 International Women's Day

Celebrated annually on March 8th, International Women’s Day celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women, around the world.   While individual groups including the United Nations often develop specific themes to tie into their particular focus for the day, Make It Happen was the 2015 theme for the internationalwomensday.com global hub, which encouraged “effective action for advancing and recognizing women”.

On behalf of brands who celebrate Women and Moms in their marketing efforts, Magnolia salutes campaigns such as the Always #LikeAGirl and UK #ThisGirlCan as they look to highlight female strengths, especially of younger generations, to help them grow into strong, confident and successful women that will carry on the International Women’s Day tradition long into the future.

Did you know...

#PaintItPurple is frequently used in conjunction with IWD efforts, but why purple?  It actually stems from slightly before IWD was started, in 1908, when the Women's Social and Political Union in Great Britain adopted the colors of purple, white and green to symbolize the plight of Suffragettes. Purple symbolized justice and dignity - two values strongly associated with women's equality.

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