Rockstar Woman Feature: Kate Mitchell

We tapped our pal and interior decorator, Kate Mitchell, to help spruce up the Magnolia Insights office and kick off the new year a little more inspired.  


What were your first design thoughts when touring our office?                                                                                                                               

My first design thought when touring Magnolia was about how unique the space is. You are surrounded by [so much creativity]. Since your office is mainly glass it allows others to take a peek into your company and I really wanted to design a space that reflected the vision of your brand and your personality.

How do you approach deciding a color theme for a small space (especially for women)?                                                                                   

When designing a space and choosing a color scheme especially for a company I really like to reflect or extend the branding (colors) already established into the space. Once I saw your business card and logo it was very important to me to incorporate the colors you have chosen into the design. I also like to include or intertwine colors that you personally feel strongly about or have a connection to. Combining the two creates a space that reflects both the importance of business and feminine personalities?

Key storage solution tips for keeping an uncluttered space?                                                                                                                                      

A small space needs to stay uncluttered as much as possible, when designing with that in mind using creative storage pieces that serve as duel purpose is key. For example creating a bench in the office for seating with hidden file storage underneath is the perfect multi-tasker.

Our office space walls are made up of glass windows—How was thinking about window treatments different in this scenario than it would be for a space with regular walls?                                                                                                                                                                                   

The glass walls in your workspace are different and needed for the small workspace. They open the door to different and fun ideas like frosting of the glass or using decals, unlike a solid wall in which you mainly add design to with the glass walls you have to option to subtract design allowing them to be open and in return opening up the space.

How does an environment impact someone’s work, and how does that that relate to women especially?                                                                                                                                              

I believe a designed work environment space keeps you focused and mindful of you brand/company. As a woman it is important to be surrounded by a space that inspires and reflects who we are and communicates to others what we are accomplishing.

Any must-have statement pieces that are important to incorporate in an office space?                                                                                           

Find something you love a make it into the statement piece. I have heard many times from woman I love this piece but I do not know what I will do with it. If you love it buy there is a reason you love it, make it into your statement pieces and have a good designer that can incorporate it.

What are some general design style favorites that you have found for women?                                                                                          

Favorites that I found for woman are clean functional spaces with a hint of individual accessorizing. Since women are muliti-taskers, the design of their space should [be the same way]. Use one bold design and design around it.


While Kate rocks her interior design business, she also designs amazing jewelry that has been featured in Lucky Magazine.  Check out her website here!