Chicago WeWork Women Feature

We sought out cool women in our co-sharing environment who are making meaningful contributions in their respective organizations.  Below are excerpts from our Chicago WeWork Instagram Q&A Campaign.

Favorite part of your job?

My members, hands down. They make my job rewarding and are some of the most intelligent, eloquent, inspirational people in Chicago.

-Laura, WeWork

Most random item in your purse right now?

A com-ed electricity bill that's not mine.

-Sara, Network After Work

Favorite IG account?

National Geographic - their photos are amazing, and as I read their captions, I learn something new!

-Brooke, Drizly

Best career advice you’ve ever received?

When I first started out my brother told me to “fail in obscurity”. This has been an important mantra for me while growing a small business. While it’s easy to dream of being as big as possible as soon as possible, I’ve come to realize the value of giving yourself time to test out your ideas on a small scale so that when the stakes are higher you’re prepared, knowledgeable and confident.

-Debra, Design Dance

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

Honestly, I wanted to be who I have been able to become, an Entrepreneur. I just didn't know the word back then.

-Jess, SocialTechPop & DressCodeable

If you had a 10 minute speech to give at a high school, what would it be about? I'd talk to those teens about "STAYING YOUNG" and "PUTTING DOWN THEIR DAMN PHONES!" I feel like High Schoolers are so wrapped up in being the COOLEST kid on social media and they all want to do is grow up and be adults and put on pounds of makeup so they look 30 years old when they are only 16. I'll tell them to stop that and enjoy being young while you are and stop thinking that social media is the most important part of your life.. cuz it's not! :)

-Emily, SocialTechPop

Any quote, mantra, advice, etc. that you try to live by?

Hakunna Matata, it means no worries!

-Josie, Network After Work

Most surprising thing about your job?

I can’t believe how many parts of this job I have fallen in love with! My background is in dance education so I thought that would be the aspect of this job I loved the most. I’m surprised at how much I've enjoyed learning about marketing, development, and management over the past 7 years.

-Debra, Design Dance

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