Diversity is the spice of life, and the meat of revenue.

But how much, when and how do you spice up your company to compliment the complex flavors of the American marketplace?  Magnolia’s got the recipe – which we’re constantly tweaking as we redefine the diversity and inclusion space.

When our doors opened in 2014 Magnolia was already acting on the observation Verizon CMO Diego Scotti is just now noticing: “We are more likely to create solutions that amaze our customers if our work force and suppliers represent the communities we serve.”   The world’s biggest brands are recognizing lack of diversity as a bottom line liability, and they’re scrambling to correct it.

So, what’s your employment branding strategy? 

Our team of accomplished, informed, creative women from every imaginable demographic cultivate employment brands that attract not only diverse candidates, but highly qualified diverse candidates.  We help you find the keepers, and then we coach you on how to keep them. 

If they’re going to compete in the diversity space of the future, HR and Marketing departments will have to intermingle and innovate, Magnolia style.  Together they will reimagine and reinvent a diverse, inclusive and profitable future for their company.

That future begins here.